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    About dongbin
    Zhejiang Dongbin Rubber Plastic Screw Co.Ltd Dongbin Rubber Plastic Screw

    Zhejiang Dongbin Rubber Plastic Screw Co.Ltd is one of ten screw corporations in Zhou Shan .We are specializing in producing screw and barrel for both pin-type hot-feed and cold-feed extruder. The production capacity is over 1500 sets per year. It has been entitled “advanced private enterprise in Zhou Shan” many times.

    Equipped with advanced machines ,such as drilling machine ,boring machine for deep hole process ,NC milling machine and other precise equipments, we have advanced technique and over ten years’ ...

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    Adderss: 2 liuxing Rd,Xihou Industrial zone,Shantan Industry Zone,Jintang town,Dinghai District,Zhoushan City,Zhejiang ,China Tel: 086-0574-87723901 87727203 Fax: 0086-574-87727331

    Contact person: mobile: 13905804506 E-mail: dongbin@dbscrew.cn Zip: 316031

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